The way of the cross leads home!

Children & Church

We love Children!

Child Pickup

The Bus Ministry at Crossroads Baptist Church is dynamic ministry designed to reach young people and families for the Lord!

For more information on riding the church bus, or to sign up to ride the Church Bus, please email:

The Church Bus picks up kids between 9:15am-9:50am, and drops off between 12:15pm-12:50pm


Children 5 and older

Parents are welcome!

It is possible that we do not have a route in your area, but we are working to further our reach!


Child Protection

Crossroads Baptist Church is committed to serving children and their families for the purpose of glorifying God. Therefore, we have purposed to develop safeguards for your children when they attend. These safeguards are designed to protect the children as well as the integrity and reputations of the precious volunteers who make ministering to children possible. When your child attends Crossroads Baptist Church, they will be well supervised and cared for. We understand how precious your children are!