The way of the cross leads home!

global-gospel_wide_tThe Gospel of Jesus Christ

must needs go throughout all the world that souls may be rescued from eternal destruction! Will you help us achieve this global goal of reaching into all the world?

You may be asking, "How can I aid in this global goal of reaching the world?"

The answer is simple...begin by surrendering and then submitting yourself to whatever God would have you do on a daily basis. Next, start praying for missions on a global scale. Then, begin, or increase, your personal missions giving. Fall in love with missionaries. Talk with your Pastor and seek his guidance on beginning a ministry of your own out of your local church. Pray that God would open a door for you to personally go on a missions trip. Constantly ask the Lord, "Is this where you want me?" And then be obedient to stay or go where He would have you to stay or go. Last, keep the vision for world-wide Gospel missions by starting all over again! May God be glorified as we keep "looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith."

Pastor Justyn Smith, Crossroads

As Pastor of Crossroads, I would love to encourage our people give graciously to World Wide Gospel Missions during our 2015 Missions Year! Missions giving is another way you can help the Gospel spread to regions unknown!

To watch the "Know Your Missionaries Video," please click here!

This year's missions revival is going to be terrific! Please be sure to keep posted on specifics as this event draws closer. Let's celebrate Christmas Around the World together by strengthening our desire to reach the World for Jesus Christ!

Jerry Novak - Kenya East Africa

Nathan Roberts - South Africa

Stephen Rains - Kenya East Africa

Ahmet Hernandez - Thailand

Ed Orcales - Philippines

Jireh Orcales - Philippines

Danny Tesseneer - India

Mark Esteves - Philippines




Dave Sommerdorf - Military Emphasis - Marine Corps Vette

Don Crosswhite

Lynn Potts - Pictures & Praise - Chalk Art

Steve Hart

Taylor Gillaspie

Jay Workman

Christian Camps

Camp Joy - Whitewater, WI

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